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It's Always Breezy At The Clash of the Kilts

Hi and thanks for your patience.  It's only taken 7 weeks to write this article.  And due to the voluminous number of pictures taken by the photographers, I won't be adding much in the way of snarky comments as usual.  But enjoy the pictures that follow anyway.

Event:  Bratish Open for the Spring Hill and Tampa chapters +++ the inter-chapter Clash of the Kilts competition

Date: July 27, 2019

Location:  Innisbrook - South Course

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Clash of the Kilts winner:  Tampa by a landslide

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Event Results

1.Greg Brown84$1.26
2.Pete Bedell90$0.84
3.gregory Bobrowski92$0.70
4.Donald Nogiewich94$0.63
5.Robert Mongold95$0.56
6.James Perushek97$0.49
7.Leroy Hamilton98$0.39
7.Kenneth Ferguson98$0.39
9.Randy Dunaway99$0.21
9.John Montagnino99$0.21
9.Troy McNeal99$0.21
12.Francisco Mendes101$0.07
13.Charly Osz103$0.06
14.Mike Sulik104$0.05
15.Paul Normandin105$0.04
16.Marion Kelley106$0.02
17.Craig Domini107$0.00
18.John Grochowicz108$0.00
19.Roy Huden112$0.00
20.Janis Dunaway114$0.00
21.Lawrence Waterman117$0.00
21.Robert West117$0.00
23.Roy Fiehler119$0.00
24.david sulik123$0.00
25.Vincent Leonardo139$0.00