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It Was a Hot Douche!

The Douche Bag Invitational for 2019 Is Done!

Another great event is now in the history books! A great big CONGRATULATIONS to the champ, Carl Canestrano (84) from the Tampa Chapter.

His win wasn’t an easy one though. Andy Barno (84) tied Carl for the lead at the 18th hole. This prompted our first ever Play Off hole. Both Andy and Carl went back to the 18th hole for a shoot-out. Andy’s first shot went quite a bit wide of the hole, while Carl’s shot came to within an easy chip. Andy’s 2nd shot left him about a 10’ putt, and Carl’s 2nd came within a few feet of the hole. Andy missed his third, and Carl drained his for the win. Both players put on a stellar performance on the day.

Narrowly missing a three-way playoff, DJ Fait (85), put in a gallant effort to take third place. Barry Robinson (91) had to play from practically a different zip code! Winning his last two events, Barry was forced to play back two tee boxes. The course didn’t have one for him to play from, so we improvised. We used a 10’ rope! If there was room, the rope was laid out behind the back-tee box, if there wasn’t enough room, we folded the rope in half! Anyway, Barry came in 4th and will be moving back to normal!

One of our new guys, Jason Brock (92), put in a very respectful 5th place showing his first event in the MGA. Rip Potter (96), sewed up 6th place solid, and was followed by Stan Kohut (98).

In a tight knit bunch, we saw Wayne Persang (99), Joe Bongo (100), Joe Carideo (101), Barry Rose (102), and Tim Riley (103). Junior Hill (106), pushed through the heat of the day as did Jack Cashon (107) and Bob Cote (108). Adrian Day (118) finished out the leaderboard, and congrats to our Red Key Winner, Doug Jacobs (124).

The awards went to Bob Cote – Long Drive, Jason Brock – Closest to the Pin & Most Mediocre, Joe Carideo – Meltdown (3), Red Key – Doug Jacobs, and Gross Award to Andy Barno.

Cove Cay Golf Course has done a monumental job maintaining the course after one of the wettest months in FL history. Thank you and we hope to see you next year.


Event Results

1.Carl Chilly Dip Canestrano84$1.35
2.Andrew Barno84$0.90
3.DJ Fajt85$0.75
4.Barry Robinson91$0.68
5.Jason Brock92$0.60
6.richard potter96$0.53
7.Stanley Kohut98$0.45
8.Wayne R. Persang99$0.38
9.joe bongo100$0.30
10.Joe Carideo101$0.23
11.Barry Rose102$0.15
12.Tim Riley103$0.08
13.olien hill106$0.07
14.Jack Cashon107$0.05
15.Robert Cote108$0.04
16.Adrian Day118$0.02
17.Doug Jacobs124$0.00
20.John PoffDNF$0.00
20.Bill PritchettDNF$0.00
20.John SwigerDNF$0.00