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THE INTERNET - Sorry for tricking you. The crazy thing is, we actually have news that's worthy of a proper headline, but obviously no one would click on a link if it weren't ambiguous and mysterious. So welcome to our article, we hope you enjoy your brief stay.

This year will be the 15th MGA World Championship. We've been a lot of places and seen a lot of shit since 2009. But one thing we've never seen, is prices like the ones they quoted us for weekend hotels and golf in November of 2024. Packages would have damn near doubled and we're not OK with that. So fuck 'em, we'll do it on a weekday!

That's right medios, MGAWC24 will be held on November 11th (Monday) & 12th (Tuesday... duh) and the base package (3 Nights / 2 Rounds) will actually be a little cheaper than last year! Even better, flights should be A LOT cheaper!

But that's not all... Hold onto your butts... On Wednesday, November 13th, we will hold the first ever MGA World Team Championship! Tell work they can suck it and stick around to play for the title in the World Premiere of this 2-medio-scramble team event!

For now, all we can tell you is that partners don't have to be from the same chapter, so lock down your teammate ASAP. We'll be doing a trial run of the format in the coming months to figure out the best way to do penalty strokes.

That's all the details we're releasing for now, but these dates below are set, so get those vacation requests in now and then keep an eye on for more updates!


Sunday, November 10th: Optional Practice Round & 8 PM Meet & Drink

Monday, November 11th: Round 1 

Tuesday, November 12th: Round 2 & 8 PM Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, November 13th: World Team Championship & Awards at course immediately after.

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