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If you ain't first, you're last...

There are many great duos in the history of sports, music, and entertainment.  Such as the likes of Jordan/Pippen, Sonny & Cher, Siegfried & Roy to name a few.  But none  are greater than the team of The Magic MAN and el Diablo.  "If you Ain't first, you're last",  This is the mantra that drove Team Bofa(Jeremy & Ted) to achieve victory at Rebel Beach Am-Am to honor their heroes that inspired them.  They "shaked and baked", and everything in between to squeak out a victory.

Speaking of if you Ain't first, you're last.  Teddy Typey-type [bracket-bracket] earned himself the "Big Check" with the lowest score of the event.  This 3 time recipient of the Red Key award is living proof of if you ain't 1st, you're last.  Congratulation to our first time winner that has been grinding with his coaches, hours in the gym, or perhaps visited a witch doctor in New Orleans that led to this win.   Teddy could not be reached by phone for reporters for a follow up interview.  Its rumored he is at a local bar buying Moscow Mules for all the patrons and forcing the bartender to play Scorpions - Wind Of Change on repeat, as he hopes to slip on the Green Jacket next month at the Bastards.

We would welcome all the new members of the Aiken Chapter for the 2023 season that all left with tiny checks and some other awards as well.

B-Rad McMillian (biggest Meltdown)

Davis Miniard

Franklin Buchanan

Kerwin Iglesias (longest drive)

Mike England (most mediocre)

Ryan Matthews

Event Results

1.Ted Munsch91$0.98
2.Joe Chiles94$0.65
3.Steve Lee95$0.54
4.Adam Bates96$0.49
5.Jeremy Wilson97$0.43
6.Franklin Buchanan98$0.38
7.James Thomas Chiles 99$0.33
8.Mike England106$0.27
9.Kerwin Iglesias108$0.22
10.Ryan Matthews116$0.16
11.Stephen Sowards118$0.11
12.B-Rad McMillian128$0.05
13.Davis Miniard130$0.05
14.Kiefer Tindall137$0.04

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