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Iain and Tim canter to victory in the Am-Am

One of the biggest fields in Asheville MGA history began the Am-Am, and I guess most of us finished it. Team "Register at the Last Minute" of Tim and Iain managed to make the counting easy for the Chapter Leader by finishing first and second. Nick celebrated his birthday by DQing, and does not fully realize the position multiple DQs will put him in as his quest begins to be a 2-time MGA World Champion.

What? We not only had an event but the Chapter Leader wrote something about it? I guess the fog has cleared, same as it managed to do about 5 minutes before our first tee time.

After a truly bare bones 2020 (something must have been in the hand sanitiser), we started things right in 2021 with 12 medios rocking up to Broadmoor to stake their claim to the Am-Am.  A few were guests for Nick's birthday, and are welcome to join anytime (hint hint).  The cause for celebration was heralded by the downing of shots at the first tee, and once John and Jan broke out the Jim Beam and a cup for the Chapter Leader, then the day was well on the downward slope.

The first set of apologies go to Anne, who didn't budget enough time for all the shennanigans and could not finish the round. She was partnering George who lost his chance at a sixth straight Am-Am.

For the record - the pairings and final scores for the Am-Am

Iain & Tim (team last minute):  189

John & Janis (team Beam): 218

Chris & Tommy (team outlaw inlaws): 219

Nick and Brian (team sucks when your partner DQs): DQ

Anne and George (team cocworkers): DNF

Since Broadmoor has few straight open holes, the Kinda Long was contested on the 315-yard 15th.  In the first group, all four opted for the mounds on the right hand side, which, though giving a great view of the green, are not part of the fairway. In the second group, Tim managed to dribble one on to the fringe of the fairway, bringing hope and joy to all.  That left John to blister a solid 150-yard drive and claim a Kinda Long in the first tournament.  On the 16th, Jan showed that if you can watch the rest of the group flail and keep your head, you can stick it on the green and claim a Kinda Close.

New medio Brian showed great promise on the first tee, toeing a driver into the parking lot, and kept that blistering form to take the key to the red tee. Chris and Tommy battled it out for the Medio and the Meltdown with Tommy's spectacular 8-7-8 finish sealing the meltdown and giving the medio to Chris.

But it was Tim and Iain that stood in better shape than the trophies at the end of the day. Tim may now start the run, having won last year's Am-Am. Iain said it was the first time he had played golf in over a year, and played well enough that who knows when we will see him again.

The Bastards is shaping up to be an incredible battle at Cummings Cove!

Event Results

1.tim aldinger95$0.63
2.Iain Orr94$0.42
3.George Heard96$0.35
4.John Taylor103$0.31
5.Christopher Capezzali105$0.28
6.Tomas Seijo114$0.24
7.Janis Taylor115$0.21
8.Brian Randall119$0.17
17.Nick HintonDQ$0.00

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Had a blast. Congrats Tim.