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How Many Clubs You Carrying: 2018 OAKMGA Chapter Money Winner Doug Reichold

Doug was interviewed by Stacey Ward during the Last Gasp Invitational. At the time Doug was defending his Douchebag Invitational title playing from the blue tees and the Chapter Money Leader title was still up for grabs. SPOILER ALERT!!!! (if the title of the article didn’t give it away already), Doug wound up finishing tied for 13th, Dan “Bully” Bollwinkel finished tied for 6th. Doug wound up narrowly taking the Money Title over “Bully” by 0.12

Interview Doug Reichold - I don’t give a shit!


Career Stats:


Champ 3x – 2018 Douche Bag Inv.

                    2016 Fore! Championship

                    2014 Last Gasp


Runner-UP 5x – 2018 Bratish Open

                           2018 Fore! Championship

                           2016 Douche Bag Inv.

                           2015 Bratish Open

                           2014 FU Open


Chapter Money Leader 2X – 2016 and 2018


Gross – 2X

Closest – 3X

Most Medio – 1X

Long Drive – 2X

Meltdown – 2X

Red Key - NEVER

Career Winnings – $19.67

Most Mediocre Moment – Any time he beats Symons!

When did you start playing golf? 

I started playing old and 95to buddies of mine lately baseball with coming into it and yeah I’m a sensitive been fun especially in this NDA it’s the it’s a classic and then have a great time (via Siri)

Translated I started playing golf in 1995. Two buddies of mine that I played baseball with told me let’s go play some golf. I didn’t know shit about golf and sucked. Then I found the MGA, I have a great time, and here we are.

You are a bona fide multiple time MGA champion; how did this happen? Really I’m perplexed, lack of penalty strokes? How man how?

I maximize my mediocrity and I’ve learned to manipulate. 89’s. You can win all the time when you got no strokes.

Honestly was it just Luck or skill?

Totally luck, every time.

(Doug's luck securing the 2017 Crossbay Cup for the Oakland MGA)


Do you consider yourself the best Doug in the Oakland MGA?

Oh my god!!! Yes I do.

Should we find a fourth Doug for the chapter so we can have a foursome of Doug’s?

Yes, for sure, and I’ll beat em all.

Ever been to Vegas? 

No, never, Oh just in general? Oh hell yes

For the MGAWC?


Why not?

Cause I’m a slave to the system (wife and kids)

Best Vegas memory you can actually tell?

Lots of memories, but they don’t jog the memory. WTF are you trying to do to me

Why do you always pay for Ryan “don’t call me Si-mons” Simmons (spelled Symons) round every tournament? 

Because Symons Landscaping takes care of my yard duties. I have to pay him somehow (Fallehey chimes in, “no you don’t!) He honestly hasn’t mowed my lawn or took care of my weeds in a while

Best part of your game?

There is no good part. My mediocrity blends together well




If you don’t fuck up before this round is over, how will it feel to be the 2018 OAKMGA Chapter Money Leader? No pressure! (thanks Super Hot Handsome Tod Alsman for missing this to be in Europe or some lame shit. See you in Vegas, love you, you’re hot).

Now I’m jinxed (choking emoji). It would feel good to win the most mediocre chapter money leader title again; don’t forget 2016. Not an insult to this chapter or its players. I’m just the best Doug. Also I have to thank Kevin “don’t hate me fellate me” Fallehey for not showing up when I won my first chapter money leader title. I win because People don’t show up, thanks Tod and Kevin, again thank you!


Flash round:


Favorite color? White

Grip it and rip it or course management? Grip it and rip it

Weed or booze? Both is not an option but we will except pharmaceuticals. Weed

Best round ever? 80

Best shot ever? Hole in 1 par 3 marina 9 hole

Play golf (a)sober, (b)buzzed, or (c)stoned? We will except b or c, and b and c obviously, but not a in conjunction with any other letter. A and B

Pro or anti Kavanaugh? No explanation needed, we don’t judge at least to your face (fucking asshole). Anti

Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle? Socrates. Why? Because he always asks questions

Favorite Golf Course? Edgewood Tahoe

When you die, what would you like your obituary to say? Fuck the rest

Who’s the one medio you really hate playing with? Ryan “don’t call me Si-mons, it’s Simmons” Symons