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Hickman Crowned Douche Bag

Once again the rain gods spared us but the course played tough.  Most of us played some less than mediocre golf, however James almost dq's and destroys the field.  Here's the play-by-play...

Waking up early on Saturday, I was shocked Lake Windsor held up to the rain during the week and also was excited to participate in the tournament with my twin brother in town. Caught a bit of LPGA on Hulu Live to get in the zone, shout out Baker Mayfield for letting me know that Hulu Has Live Sports. Warmed up the flatstick during an inspiring pre-round Mike speech and hit 7 balls on the driving range because I was running late after a light morning bout of food poisoning. Before I knew it we were on the first tee waiting 7 minutes to tee off. I drove it long and straight into the fairway, depressingly 20y short of my brother. From there, scooted a pitching wedge 1.5 grooves heavy to the front of the green and 2 putted my way to a first hole par. Followed that with a decent push fade into the right bunker on 2 and David Toms'ed my way to another 2 putt par - at that point I knew it would be a very special day.
After those pars, the sun's heat melted my wings and I crashed back to earth with an almost-OB drive on 3 and a triple on 4 that featured an impressive 3 chip shots. 3 was pretty exciting as Micah nearly hit us after ignoring the fairway and cutting the corner using 3 tee to approach 2 green, then Jim returning fire with a laser of a drive right at Micah and Ellis's cart and into the water (How am i supposed to chip with that going on, Doug?). After leaving a wedge short and bogeying 6, then pulling a drive into the hazard on 7 and doubling it, I was comfortably back in my groove. Hit a knockdown 7 into hole 8 and drained the putt, then holed a 30 footer from off the green above 9 for an unexpected bonus birdie.
Fueled up with a nutritious protein bar and Powerade (shout out Pick N Save's sports nutrition aisle) on 10 tee and was feeling great about my score as 8 and 9 pulled me right back up to the top of the leaderboard (though followed closely by Jeremy and Austin breathing down my neck a hole or two behind - it looked like the tight front nine of Lake Windsor had proved challenging for the MGA Crew). A classic drive, wedge, 3 putt combo put another bogey on the card for 10 and after a lost ball scare, wedged it on 11 for another 2 putt par. Near birdie misses on 13 and 14 had me feeling great as we approached the back end of the golf course. Somehow I rolled in a 50 footer from nearly off the green left on 15, tripling the distance of putts made on the day. From there, conservative play allowed me to maintain my 8 shot lead on 17 and 18 - and there was even a gallery on 18 with Max hanging around, mainly because he needed a ride from us but I appreciated the support nonetheless. Tiger kept his foot on the gas through 18 on Sunday at Pebble in '00 and I was glad to do the same. At that point, had to quickly grab the check and race back downtown because our round took 5 hours and 15 minutes to finish.
A takeaway for me was how we all play better when we're having fun, shout out to Jim, Nell, and my brother Jon for playing well and keeping it light on the course with some great conversation. Looking forward to the Last Gasp, I always enjoy Pleasant View and hope for a great Fall round and close to the season in 2 weeks. Also hoping that we get a good showing so that there's enough money at stake to challenge Mike for the 2019 money list title.