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Hey! Here's some news...

Midland Mediocre Golf Association is growing people, and the support has been appreciated.  Now, we divide and conquer!  Here is where we stand through 5 events....

We have a really tight race in the Top 10, basically Demasters and David Valdez are leading the pack and the rest of us are just, not leading the pack.  This FORE! event at Ratliff will change the money standings for sure, especially if you medios let these guys place so high. There is an actual cool trophy for overall money leader as well, fyi. We have some members that are more than qualified for Vegas, although sadly, I don't think Midland will be represented this year since we are so new and new members need 5 events.  Next year, you will only need 3 if returning and place in the Top 10 money earnings for our Chapter.  Next year we will take the Vegas World Championship by storm.

Let's finish strong, I have enjoyed every second.  Let me know about requests on Event days and such and I will oblige where I can. Also, now that we have Eccentric sponsoring some beer....annnndd a Facebook is the limit fellers!  

Thank You Much!


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Side Note: If you have made 5 events, and in the Top 10 money...There is a way to go to Vegas from our Chapter and compete in the Born Hairy side tourney...that I hear is a riot! For those interested, ask me about it.

I’ve played in both. They are both alot of fun.