Chapter News

Herlihy Wins the Bratish Open

Congrats to Kevin Herlihy on winning his 2nd Major of the Year.  His 87 dominated the field to take down the Bratish Open and win the Clarett Jugs.  He motor boated those bad boys as if he was back to breast feeding.  Saunders takes home his 2nd Most Mediocre in a row- finishing right smack dab in the middle again.  Jonesy improves by 36 strokes, New Guy makes and epic speech, Diego melts down, and Terrance wins back the key to the red tee with a solid 137!

Event Results

1.Kevin Herlihy87$1.26
2.Rob Murray90$0.84
3.Matthew Smith92$0.70
4.Adam Feldman96$0.56
4.Michael Fahy96$0.56
4.Bill Kennelly96$0.56
7.Peter Salerno97$0.42
8.Jonathan Roselli98$0.35
9.Dan Santora100$0.25
9.Scott Saunders100$0.25
11.Matthew Jones101$0.14
12.Iram Baez105$0.07
12.Patrick Ryan105$0.07
14.Todd Jones107$0.05
15.Diego Cabezas 114$0.04
16.terrance mccauley137$0.02