Chapter News

Here Goes Nothing

[by: Joe Faga]


Jason Smelser once again, in back-to-back events, outpaced the field to a victory in the 2020 Douchebag Invitational.  This time from the back tees, despite unintended challenges like trees blocking half the fairway on the 4th hole. (Glad I didn't have to try that shot!). So now what for the next event? Does Jason play left handed? without a putter? Blindfolded? No shoes? We should at least make him wear the Douchebag trophy.

Sunny managed to make par on 2 even with a penalty stroke. He had a great front nine on his way to the meltdown award this week. He even pulled off Matt Mayo's left-handed 3-wood chip back to the fairway, advancing the ball and setting up a reasonable approach shot.

The rest of the true medios played true to form. Dave Knowles summed it up, "I would have DQ'd if it weren't for the three-putts and shots out of bounds." Yes even Dave.
We dealt with the usual:
* challenging chip shots


* typical situations


* and other weird shit - a wind hazard?

On the 8th Matt Arrasmith hit from trouble to trouble, narrowly missing the rest of his foursome. You would think your cart would offer a little protection.

On 11, our guest Dana Rose managed to shatter a tee marker. Destroying course signs and stuff seems to be a new trademark for this chapter. Hope you can join us Dana as we leave a trail of destruction across central Ohio.

On 14, I was contemplating my next attempt from behind a tree when Corrine Bigelow literally threw her three-wheeled cart at me from across the neighboring fairway. I swear I was innocent! Kidding aside, I wish I knew how these 'walking' carts seem to take off on their own. (see recap from the 2020 MGA Championship)
On 15, Matt claimed to 'kinda' make par. Uh-huh. We all kinda suck. It's the motto.
Pace today was leisurely at best. We got a little backed up on 2...

...and while one group was finishing up on the 5th green, someone in the group of non-MGA golfers behind them managed to drive the green and leave his ball 1-foot away for eagle.  We had to back Fred Miller off of his putt to watch the near ace on the par 4. 

We can dream

Event Results

1.Jason Smelser86$1.35
2.Brad Schimmoeller87$0.90
3.Joe Milacek89$0.75
4.Eric Heberle90$0.64
4.Doug Short90$0.64
6.Jason Strickland91$0.49
6.Steven Baybutt91$0.49
8.Matt Bigelow92$0.34
8.Justin Scribner92$0.34
10.Jabrones Golf93$0.23
11.Steve Sillato94$0.11
11.David Knowles94$0.11
13.Todd Hamilton95$0.07
14.Gary Sutter97$0.05
15.Mathew Mayo98$0.03
15.Graydon Spanner98$0.03
15.Brent Huddleston98$0.03
18.Fredrick Miller100$0.00
19.Chris Pike101$0.00
20.Sundar Digumarthy102$0.00
21.Paul Miller103$0.00
22.Justin Kudela104$0.00
23.Matt Arrasmith 105$0.00
24.Patrick Affourtit107$0.00
25.Robby Thompson108$0.00
26.Joe Faga111$0.00
27.Nick Poe113$0.00
28.Corinne Bigelow114$0.00
29.Justin Duffie117$0.00
30.Jeff Gilligan131$0.00
32.Connor MazzaDQ$0.00
32.Jay SutterDQ$0.00