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Henderson FU Open 24

The heat was on for the US Open 2024, I mean the FU Open 2024 at Siena Golf Club.  IT was hot to start and finish with a 3 way tie when it was done.  Nick beat out Scott  and CL RayGo for Nick's first win in the MGA Tour.  Congrats on your first win see ya on the back tees at Boulder City Muni.  

Event Results

1.Nick Bird88$1.18
2.Ray Gonzalez88$0.72
2.Scott Flanigan88$0.72
4.Dustin Burns90$0.59
5.George Steinmetz91$0.53
6.Eric Hamilton94$0.43
6.Tom Gittens94$0.43
8.Anthony Carrillo95$0.33
9.Kevin Haug96$0.26
10.Marlene Clement99$0.20
11.Dave Clement100$0.10
11.Rob Pompi100$0.10
13.Tommy Thomsen103$0.06
14.Tim Mitchell 109$0.05

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