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Henderson Fore! Championship 23

The Henderson Fore! Championship 23 was closely contested eventually ending up in a three way tie between TOM "T1", Anthony, and Rob P.  Although it was a hot day the three decided to sneak onto a par 3 to break the tie.  They weren't able sneak on, so then they decided to jump on the Par4 near by from about 150 yards to see who is closets to the pin.  T1 and Rob put it on the green and Anthony a bit long.  T1 came away victorious with his second check of the year and fifth event in two years for the wonder kid.

Event Results

1.Tom Gittens93$0.75
2.Anthony Carrillo93$0.46
2.Rob Pompi93$0.46
4.Kevin Haug94$0.37
5.Ray Gonzalez95$0.33
6.Tommy Thomsen105$0.29
7.Craig Hennigan110$0.25

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