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HateMiami dominates DoucheBag in Balt!

Hatemiami's secret practice rounds with the D.C. chapter pay off as he cruises to victory...wins closest to pin and long drive contests as well!

Event Results

1.Aaron Hedetniemi88$1.35
2.Derek Patro90$0.90
3.Jeff Simmons91$0.75
4.Eric Bomgardner92$0.68
5.Bernard Settle94$0.60
6.Bill Wyatt III97$0.53
7.Mat Coughlin98$0.41
7.Noah Kiehle98$0.41
9.Matt Cougle99$0.30
10.James Wyatt101$0.23
11.Joe Busch104$0.11
11.Timothy shannon104$0.11
13.Garland Griswold105$0.07
14.Matt Reaves106$0.05
15.George Cunningham108$0.03
15.Ryan Reese108$0.03
17.Mike Clare121$0.00
18.Mark MickleyDNF$0.00

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Check that guy for PED's!!! lol

Check that guy for PED's!!! lol