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HateMiami back in Winner's Circle in B'More

HateMiami breezes to victory @ THE MGA in Baltimore and moves into top 5 on the global $ List..My Hero!

Event Results

1.Aaron Hedetniemi88$1.35
2.Bill Wyatt III92$0.90
3.Chris Carroll93$0.75
4.Ryan Reese94$0.68
5.Mark Mickley95$0.56
5.Chad Gunning95$0.56
7.Eric Bomgardner96$0.45
8.Mike Clare97$0.38
9.Noah Kiehle99$0.30
10.Matt Cougle101$0.23
11.Garland Griswold102$0.15
12.James Wyatt105$0.08
13.Mat Coughlin106$0.07
14.Matt Reaves108$0.05
15.Anthony E. Young113$0.04
16.Robert Jones128$0.02