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Hampton wins PIQMGA'S inaugural event

 Following 2 days of steady rain, 16 medios took to Homestead Golf Course for Piqua MGA's  first ever event. The day started out cold and only got less cold and the golfing followed suit. The conditions warranted "cart path only", and knowing it wouldn't effect many shots, lift, clean and place was permitted strictly in the fairway. John Hampton had fewest $hitty shots and was the only medio to break triple digits. 

Hampton teamed up with Andy Murray, to take home the AM-AM trophies. Fittingly, Murray, a Michigan fan, also took home most mediocre. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for Andy though as the head of his 5 wood got more airtime than his ball. Jimmy Curl stuck one within 5 feet for CTP and in true MGA fashion, all 16 medios missed the fairway on the long drive.