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Greg Kramer dethrones Bratish and FORE! champ Mike Doris

ATX MGA 2022 Bastards and F.U. Open Champ, Greg Kramer, comes in strong with a commanding 86 to win the Douche Bag Invitational. Back-to-back champ, Mike Doris, plays from the tips, drinks fireball, shoots 108.

On a steamy Saturday afternoon in Austin, Texas, back-to-back champ Iron Mike Doris, took on 13 Medios from the tips at Jimmy Clay Golf Course. After a respectable 53 on the front we knew it was time Mike was going to lay down the hammer, clean his round up, and go full Medio hat trick on us for a third win. Had Mike not totally fucked up the back 9 he would likely have been playing from the parking lot at the Last Gasp. Alas, like any true Medio, Mike took a healthy 10 on hole 12, the 227 yard par 3, for a net 108. Of course that wasn't going to be good enough for the red key, but Mike did walk away in 12th place and $0.070000 dollars.

Greg "Soggy Tits" Kramer manhandled Jimmy Clay golf course with a nasty 38 on the front. Greg got kinda close on hole 5, the 100 yd par 3, hitting it to 13 feet from the hole. Don't let that front score fool you, he missed the putt for a solid mirdie. Had it not been for the 7 on hole 10 and 8 on 18, we may have been presenting Greg a kick in the ass along with the gross award. However, in true medio fashion, Greg missed just enough putts to easily slide into the top slot with a net 86 and take home a cool $1.1800000 dollars.

We'll need to get Mike and Greg drunk at The Last Gasp to give other medios a chance.

Event Results

1.Greg Kramer86$1.18
2.Kent Williams92$0.79
3.Jim Duggan93$0.62
3.Alex Fontana93$0.62
5.Drew Schneck96$0.49
5.Jason Wynne96$0.49
7.Kenny Hill97$0.39
8.Christopher Morris98$0.30
8.Daniel Shin98$0.30
10.Garrett Bogorad105$0.16
10.Stephen Hultin105$0.16
12.Michael Doris108$0.07
13.Colton Westcott110$0.06
17.Greg VoithDQ$0.00