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The Greatest Golf Trophy Ever Produced

Golf is often perceived as a boring game for old white dudes. The MGA has been working tirelessly since 2006 to change that perception. Case in point, their members aren’t just a bunch of old whi… well, they’re not old anyways.


Unable for years to find a suitable trophy for their July classic, The Bratish Open (winner gets the Claret Juggs), the MGA was finally forced to create their own trophy from scratch.


It all began in early 2012 with a stroke of luck (actually two strokes, but he only marked one on the card). That was when MGA Co-founder and El Presidente Jon “Lucky Kick” Morley noticed the jug section of the real Claret Jug resembled a woman’s torso. An odd-shaped woman’s torso, but a torso nonetheless. Inspired, he put his considerable artistic skills to use and came up with a prototype for the new Claret Juggs.



When the sketch was finished he was overjoyed. It was every bit as good as he had hoped. The next step would be to figure out how to get this bad boy made.
Emails were sent, calls were made and it quickly became apparent that this trophy would not be produced in America. As much as Morley would have liked it to be made here, it was just too expensive and he didn't want to pass those costs on to his chapter leaders. Plus, without going to China, this story wouldn’t be nearly as good!
Short on time for 2012, Morley shelved the idea until last November and then set to work getting the Juggs made for the 2013 MGA season.
First he found a manufacturer. The Xiamen Sainthood Industry, which specializes in producing angel ornaments, was his pick to produce these chrome titties.


After a few more emails and a phone call that made very little sense to either side, a clay sample was produced and pictures were sent for approval.



While excited to see the concept in 3D form, Morley saw a few flaws with the juggs. So he drafted an email back to innocent, 20-something Cindy, at the Sainthood Industry, explaining his concerns.



Aaaaand the attachments; exactly as they were sent to angelic Cindy.



The email worked! A few days later, Morley opened the pictures of the new sculpt and was thrilled with what he saw.



All that was left at this point was to approve the sculpt and a sample would be made and sent to San Francisco for final approval before mass production. Morley approved and anxiously awaited the sample.
Two weeks later, the sample arrived and the greatest golf trophy ever made was a reality! Morley was enamored with his new creation and immediately took it to a local golf course for a photo shoot.



The Claret Juggs will be awarded to the winner of the Bratish Open at each of the MGA's chapters this year.


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Panel Of Experts (4)


Fantastic work Jon! Can't wait to not win this trophy too!

You have outdone yourself again!! And truly created The Greatest Golf Trophy Ever Made

Didn't think you could top the old trophy, but you did it! It looks awesome. Only wish I had a real chance to win it.

Your new name is officially Chester or better yet..."Chest to Her". Love it..sorry..them! Can't wait for the new year.