Chapter News

Good bye 2020, watch out 2021!!!

We say goodbye to a crazy year and our 10th season with a salute to our champions, since apparently the chapter leader got tired of writing articles after his victory.

It was a great seaon with lots of the old die hards coming back to join with a good crew of 15 newbies.    Despite the late start we managed to get in 12 events, playing two off season events (El Presidente Cup and Eight is not Enough), two chapter competitions (BS Cup and Buckeye Cup) in addition to the the eight official events.

Timvi$ Grimes dominated, taking the chapter money title with two official tour victories and one off season victory.     He continued to be his same annoying self to ensure that he also remained 'the most hated man in CINMGA!'   When Tim wasn't winning we managed to spread the wealth with 7 others winning.   It was a nice mix of three previous winners and four first timers.     Each winner will get his own copy of the poster of Champions below to immortalize his victory.

It was great playing with everyone this year and I can hardly wait for next year.     Look for an announcement about some TopGolf competion in January as we gear up for our 11th season together!  

Have a wonderful holiday.   Stay safe and best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy 2021.


The Billdozer