Chapter News

Gibson is a New Major Champion! Grimes and Koesterman solidify their Douchbag reputations


It has been a busy eight weeks at the Cincinnati chapter of the MGA.    Major champions have been crowned Douchebags identified and lots of beer drunk.  

We kicked off the second half of the season with the final major of the year, The Bratish.   In his fourth year on tour, Dave Gibson broke into the first time winner and major winner categories with a great 89, taking home the best trophy in golf.   Based on the picture above, it clearly has been a real long time since he has kissed something like this!


Next came the biggest money tournament of the year, the Fore Championship. Tim Grimes continued his progress towards being the most hated man in CINMGA by taking home the big check for his third win of the year.   However, he did Cincinnati proud as these winnings sent him to the top of the Global Money List!

Next up was the third annual regional championship in Toledo, which Cincinnati has dominated for the first two years taking both the championship title and the Chapters’ Cup.    That would all come to the end of this year as Toledo brought 16 players and asserted its dominance by taking the championship and the Chapters Cup.  Our 7 guys did put up a good battle and finished second in the Chapters cup.    It was a great event with eight chapters participating and 48 players, expanding the fieldby 50% from previous years but there are no pics 'cause those Toledo guys are ugly as sin!!  


Finally the busy month of August was wrapped up with the Douche Bag Invitational.   It was another first time winner as Skip Koesterman came in with a solid 85/88 to take his first win and confirm what we already knew, that he is a true Douche Bag.   Apparently being a Douchebag is contagious as Skip was paired that day with Grimes who just oozes douchyness.   




Just one more tournament to tune up before the World Championships in November.    We will head out for Glenview for the Last Gasp on October 5th to put our 9th season in the books.   Don’t miss it!!