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F.U...........NOOOO.........F.U. Smyrna MGA

Richard Pristera shows his resiliance and determination at this year's F.U. open.  Not only did this dude end up winning the whole thing and collectiing a BIG check, he also took home the award for longest drive and closest to the pin.  Who woulda thunk that when the day started.  I guess only Rich.  Hell of a feate between all th air horns and exploding golf balls that somehow found their way to the course....LMAO.  Good job.  Now lets see if he can keep up your winning ways.  I am taking bets against and for.  Yeah, I hate to lose.     

The day was full of sun and fun and it was anyone's tournament to win early but as the sun came up and the beer began to flow, It quickly turned into just another fun day of drinking and fun. We had horns, we had exploding balls, we had Clay "This Guy" Farlow playing with one freaking club. We had errand shots that went left, right, and backwards. We had some dude literally talking to Yoda (Wonder who that was). Ohhhh what a day of bad golf in the sun at the Frog.