Chapter News

FU Open 2022

Back-to-back DeBrocke!!  We’ll done! We had a lot of wind to blame shitty golf on but in the end Tim golfed less shitty than ALMOST all of us. 
Johnny G still hasn’t figured out how to sandbag enough to get the “money” LOL. Took home the GROSS award once again. 

Event Results

1.Tim Debrocke83$1.35
2.John Valdivia 86$0.90
3.Ricky Montejano 90$0.75
4.Chuck McCalmont93$0.68
5.Cliff Schweigert94$0.60
6.Rufus Ward96$0.45
6.Will Rivera96$0.45
9.Russell Ward97$0.30
10.Sean McKenna100$0.19
10.Steven Rogers100$0.19
12.DAVID DOWLER110$0.08
13.Brandon Gardner126$0.06
13.Kaycee Gardner126$0.06
15.Allison Ward128$0.04
17.John Gallegos DQ$0.00