Chapter News


The patriot may be a dying breed but the medios showed up and represented the Land of the Free in a truly unique fashion. It was hot, it was humid, it was GLORIOUS!! 

There was lots of action down at Battleground on Saturday. American pride was the theme and the medios definitely made a showing. 

Stadler took home 10th place and the red key. The Johnson's, though 12 stroked apart, were entertainingly mediocre on this fine day taking home 8th & 9th place. Simer & Josh D tied for 6th but Simer had an arm load of rewards on the day taking home ctp, most mediocre, & biggest medltdown. Not quite sure how he put together that fine trio but we should all take a lesson. Josh D ended up smokin one down the pipe on the John Daly hole and took home longest drive. Last but not least, Jeremiah Davidson took the F.U. title and the low gross award. 

Hope you enjoyed it folks, tune in next time for the MGA.

Event Results

1.Jeremiah Davidson92$0.84
2.Thomas Kondret93$0.56
3.Scott Coleman96$0.47
4.David d'Angelo97$0.40
4.James Davidson97$0.40
6.Jeff Simer103$0.30
6.Joshua Davidson103$0.30
8.Kelly Johnson112$0.23
9.Noah Johnson124$0.19
10.Michael Stadler142$0.14