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FU Liam!

This Write-Up Brought to You By: Morse & Halbach, MGABoston Chapter Reporters


FU Liam. That should be his new nickname, as Liam Supple wins his second career MGA tournament, both being the screaming eagle trophy for the F.U. Open. 

Green Hill Golf Course, located in the scenic green hills of Worcester, was set up for the club’s member-member tournament, with thick rough and lightning fast greens.  In addition, it was a breezy day, making club selection tricky with the course's many elevation changes.  On the upside, being able to see the sun was a huge improvement from the last time the course hosted an MGA event, when players were treated to a deluge of rain.

The par 5 3rd hole played the toughest on the day (only 1 par - Liam, of course), playing nearly 2.5 strokes over par on average, breaking many spirits early in the round.  The pin was positioned on a severe slope, when combined with a fast green and good amount of wind, led to many, many putts that missed rolling all the way off the green.  The following exchange occurred with the group hanging around the 18th green waiting for the final players to finish.

     Groundskeeper - How’d you like that pin position on 3?
     Group - Brutal! Whoever put that there is an a**hole!
     GK - I saw 2 eagles there today
     Timmy - That’s great, I took a F#cking 12!
     All - Much guffawing


3rd Green brought back memories of Phil at the 2018 US Open


The Brothers McDonough finished T-7 with matching 105s.  McDonough the Elder struggled on the back with a 9 and two 8s, while McDonough the Younger struggled on #3  (taking the aforementioned 12, including a 7-putt… woof).

Willy T. came into the FU Open confident, coming off a 2nd place finish at the MGA and standing 5th on the Chapter Money List.  After a solid 47 on the front, Willy made the bold decision to get a hot dog at the turn, the only member of his foursome to do so.  This came with grave consequences, with immediate impact as his tee shot on the 10th found trouble, requiring a drop and leading to a 9.  Things didn’t get much better the rest of the way, resulting in an 11 stroke meltdown to take home the squishy ball.

When will people learn that snack shop food is dangerous on the course? See:


At the turn, there was a group of 4 players which had separated themselves from the pack. 

With Liam first to finish, posting an impressive 81 (88 net), there were only a few contenders he needed to dodge, but they were some of MGA Boston’s heavy hitters, all multiple time winners on Tour.

Michael Halbach was at or near the lead much of the day; however, perhaps visions of Las Vegas crept into his mind a bit early - finishing 7-7-7 on the last three holes to drop to 4th place (not the jackpot he envisioned coming off a par on the difficult 15th). His 8 stroke meltdown was the second highest only behind Willy T.  The 4th place finish breaks a streak of 7 straight top 3 finishes (and 9 of last 11) dating back to the 2020 Bratish.  Fantasy owners will not be pleased with the missed bonus points.

Nat Gordon played solidly all day and stood in the lead as he teed off on the 18th hole.  Unfortunately for Nat, his drive found the trees and it was a struggle from there, resulting in an 8 on the hole, dropping him to 3rd place.

Andrew Southgate was the last contender with a shot to catch Liam on 18, needing a Meagle to tie and force a playoff.  He made a valiant effort, but made Mirdie to finish solo 2nd.  At the halfway point of the season, Southgate looks like a strong candidate to win the Chapter Money Title.  It’s a huge shock that the Wild Hog has never won a CML title previously, twice finishing 2nd in 2014 and 2016. This could be the 10-time winner’s breakthrough year for an overall title.

Next tournament on the schedule is the Bratish Open, held at the famously player-friendly Wayland Country Club.  Low scores will be needed for anyone hoping to lay their hands on the coveted Juggs.  See you there July 24th!

Event Results

1.Liam Supple88$1.01
2.Andrew Southgate89$0.68
3.Nat Gordon90$0.56
4.Michael Halbach91$0.51
5.Robb Muckle99$0.45
6.Christos Christopoulos 101$0.39
7.Matt McDonough105$0.28
7.Tim McDonough105$0.28
7.William T. Gergits105$0.28
10.Jake Stowell107$0.17
11.Mark Moriarty114$0.11
12.Bill Cronin119$0.06