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FU Brent Trebels...FU

Big Run, a fantastic golf course in the Chicagoland area, played host to the FU Open on July 3rd after being rained out in June.  This monster of a course favored the big hitters and it would be the guys that could play long that would compete.  We all came out in our most patriotic atire and the winner this year was Neil who's stars and bars pants meant it didn't matter who won or lost as long as the winner wasn't British.

The danger with this course are the many aged trees that line the course and make errant shots a real penalty when you get them in your way.  This was evidenced multiple times when a non-MGAer tagging along hit the same oak tree 3 times coming up 18.  He should be joining up soon...

Brent made his job easy on a couple holes like # 10 where he drove the par 4 in one...then proceeded to miss the eagle putt.  Truly a mighty mediocre effort.  However, he made enough golf shots to come away with his second win in a row.  Making the rest of us feel truly mediocre. 

Overall, this was a fine experience and the course will be revisited in the coming years as while the length can rattle the most seasoned golfers, we at the MGA are just too dumb to notice.  The elevation changes and overall distance set this course apart, it is well maintained and an awesome experience to play.  On to the Bratish!

You effectively need to play the course like this guy...