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F.U. 24

     The Tuscarawas County F. U. Open was a beautiful and windy day. Where we got our 4th different winner out of four tournaments. After 4 events it’s clear the Chapter Money List will be hotly contested until the Last Gasp is complete. 

     Unity definitely showed its head when all 4 groups waited on #4 tee box together. That was a 1st for me. Ryan Hostetler’s back nine wasn’t what he wanted. Six shots worse than his front nine. Giving him the Meltdown award on his way to his 1st Red Key. Kyle Smallcombe was right between the have and have nots earning him Most Mediocre. Brad Dyer would let his presence be known by getting Kinda Close on the Par 3 #5. He would also close out his day getting a meagle on 18. Also getting a meagle of his own would be Jason “Herbie” Herbert.

Three would tie for 4th shooting 96. After missing an event Merlin “I wish I made Chocolate” Coblentz had his strongest outing yet. He could fight for a win real soon. Ken “Griff” Schlabach had a steady back nine helping him to his 96. Probably the most steady player T-County has. The 3rd 96 would go to the newcomer who just joined, Matt Wojcik. He represented himself well on day 1 getting his first Meagle(birdie). Will he challenge for a win when he gets more comfortable?  Michael “CL” Denham chipped in for meagle for the second tournament in a row. Helping him shoot a 95. Good enough for 3rd. Also claiming the Long Drive. Nate “the Great” Kanouff had his best showing of the year finishing 2nd. Also adding a meagle on the day. It’s not if but when he gets a tournament win. Maybe next month he makes it 5 different winners in 5 events. Firing a Gross Best 91. Titus Miller takes home the F.U. Trophy. Before the event he was downplaying winning a title. But winning got him so excited he misspelled his own name on the Big Check. Titus’s scores have gotten better at each event. He will be a contender for the Chapter Money List Title. I appreciate all you guys, so far this has been a blast. Can’t wait for the next one. 

Event Results

1.Titus miller91$1.27
2.Nathan Kanouff94$0.84
3.Michael Denham95$0.70
4.Kenneth Schlabach96$0.56
4.Matt Wojcik96$0.56
4.Merlin Coblentz96$0.56
7.Will Mitchell97$0.42
8.Kyle Smallcombe 106$0.35
9.Kyle White111$0.28
10.Brad Dyer113$0.18
10.Jason Herbert113$0.18
12.Chad Kanouff 117$0.07
13.Allen Riechers118$0.06
14.Rob Miller122$0.05
15.Ryan Hostetler126$0.04

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