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Fred Tipton holds off the field....For his 2nd FU Win!

The Knoxville MGA played their third tournament of the season of the year at Sevierville Golf Course, on June 14th (Flag Day) what other tournament to have on Flag Day than the Freedom and Unity Open! We started out with a shotgun start, Daniel Vass on Hole #16 a Par 3, with a par, then on hole #17, blasts one right in the woods, to then hit one into the stream and then finally got near the green to hit it over the green back into the stream to earn himself a nice 10! Don’t worry the next hole was a par 3 which he did par and then followed that up with a triple on the next hole……..moral of this little story, Daniel would be lethal on a par 3 course! Bryan Franklin loved the Highland course so much that he got to see the whole course on the front nine…..talking every inch! As he put in 3 10’s and 2 8’s on the front! He seemed to get the handle on things on the back nine…..maybe it was the beer! With his highest score on the back was a 7! I don’t know if Gene Millett will ever ride or play with Sean Fay again, as Sean was a little hot after his tee shot tried to give it the old steroid jerk and pop it onto the green……he didn’t pop it, he topped it and hit Mean Gene in the cart in the leg…..ball then went into the cart and rolled back out into the fairway! Andrew Millett’s front nine he was shooting lights out then they played the back and the wheels didn’t just come off, the whole wagon feel apart! After shooting a 39 on the front…..he then posted a 50 on the back……Earning himself into The Book of Meltdown! Allen, however was going shot for shot with Andrew, but didn’t fall into the Meltdown stage, he decided for this tournament he was too good for us Medios… he shot a 40 on the back to shoot a 79 and DQ! Go join the tour! The man that came out on top and pretty much cleaned up by winning the Longest Drive and the tournament was Fred Tipton…..time to hit from the big boy tees next tournament!

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Event Results

1.Fred Tipton84$1.35
2.Garry Weaver 89$0.78
2.Mark Love89$0.78
2.Scott Norman89$0.78
5.Austin Karmue90$0.60
6.Andrew Millett91$0.53
7.Bill Hickman92$0.38
7.Korey Whitlock92$0.38
7.Daniel Vass92$0.38
10.Brandon Wise93$0.19
10.David Ashburn93$0.19
12.Justin Paul94$0.07
12.Sean Fay94$0.07
12.Mike Spooner94$0.07
15.John Henley96$0.03
15.Brad Loveless 96$0.03
17.Doug Lauderdale101$0.00
17.Austin Putt101$0.00
19.Gene Millett113$0.00
20.Bryan Franklin117$0.00
23.Allen Aldridge DQ$0.00
23.Rick ThompsonDNF$0.00
23.Van HeflinDNF$0.00