Chapter News

Fred completes Mrand Slam with win!

The Knoxville MGA played their Bastards Tournament at Lambert Acres. 42 medios trying to win the first Major of the year and for some 1st major of their medio career!
It was a very competitive tournament as the top 16 scores ranged from 81 to 91 as these players brought their mediocre A games!
Charles took home his very first Long Drive award, even though it was from the Red Tees! Closest to the pin had a few players looking for that award and to see if they could win the Jackpot money, as Korey pulled it off, birdied the hole, but didn't win the Jackpot as Spencer eagled on hole #2 and Scott eagled on hole #8. Mike and Fred both got on the green on #12 and putted for meagle to then push the money to the next tournament for the Hole in 2 Challenge. Michael took the Long Putt trophy away from Spencer as he drilled a putt from way downtown! Austin took away the Meltdown with +6 on the back and Darrell took a bunch of hardware away, the Red Key, The Most 10s Trophy and a bunch of balls to replace the ones that he lost on the day.
Fred Tipton took home his 1st career Bastards Championship and with that win, Fred has become the 1st Knoxville MGA Mrand Slam winner! With that win he now gets to choose where the Bastards Brunch takes place next year!

Event Results

1.Fred Tipton81$1.26
2.Martin Niezgoda86$0.77
2.Andrew Millett86$0.77
4.Scott McCarty87$0.56
4.Terry Beason 87$0.56
4.Daniel Vass87$0.56
7.Korey Whitlock88$0.35
7.Jason Pruitt88$0.35
7.Jason Bowers88$0.35
10.Alan Martin89$0.18
10.Spencer Orick89$0.18
12.Joe Ontiveros90$0.07
13.Paul Smith91$0.04
13.Jake Bandel91$0.04
13.Shane Peck91$0.04
13.Cody Mckee91$0.04
17.David Ashburn92$0.00
17.Michael Forcier92$0.00
19.Jeremy Ruperto93$0.00
19.Mark Love93$0.00
21.Marcus Pratt95$0.00
22.Austin Putt96$0.00
22.Matt Kellar96$0.00
22.Sean Fay96$0.00
25.Brandon Wise97$0.00
26.Bill Hickman98$0.00
27.Gene Millett99$0.00
27.Curtis Stone99$0.00
27.Brandon Grooms99$0.00
30.Dave Keener100$0.00
31.David Simons 102$0.00
32.Jeremiah Householder104$0.00
33.Charles Norris105$0.00
34.Wayne Moose110$0.00
35.Shelly Henley112$0.00
36.Michael Grider114$0.00
37.Jason Martinez 115$0.00
38.MIKE COHEN118$0.00
39.Jacob Dotson119$0.00
40.Darrell Roberts149$0.00
41.John HenleyDNF$0.00