Chapter News

Freakin new guy!!!!!

Yes, the new guy has won the 2nd event. Time to step it up!!!!!

Event Results

1.Mark Detamore 94$1.26
2.Philip Sylak100$0.84
3.del culver105$0.67
3.Jason Miller105$0.67
5.Tim Evans106$0.56
6.James Pingle107$0.49
7.Jordan Bidwell108$0.42
8.Wayne Patton 114$0.35
9.Ron Culver116$0.28
10.James Toler117$0.18
10.John Brubeck 117$0.18
12.Tim Anderson120$0.07
13.Ron Anderson124$0.06
14.Kevin Fetters129$0.05
15.Matthew Lenhart131$0.04
16.Nate Anderson132$0.02
17.Dean Manges141$0.00