Chapter News

FOUR TOURNAMENTS only two winners

25 medios, shit I mean 24 medios play (because one of the medio's hit me with a text after the 3rd hole replying to my "where you at text" with "Fuck"...) The Legacy Course for their chance at MGA glory while representing their country and celebrating freedom!! #Merica


Going to start this one off a little bit different here. Let’s start with the best dressed, aka they read all the emails reminding them that this was a tourney to Celebrate Freedom!! No particular order of awesomeness here. A big thank you to Sxy Ocho Apparel from our very own West Valley, AZ chapter for the awesome Polo!!




Next, we have a group of guys who love the warm embrace of another man’s hand, aka the Warm Handshake. These brave souls hacked their way through the course and left empty handed. Good effort gents’ better luck next time!



Ray earned himself the Red Key for the next tournament, which we all wished we would have received, because the next course is going to be a tough one for sure!


This next guy came in low but did not DQ. Shooting a gross 80 Net 89, Aaron takes home the Gross award for the second time. Now let’s all collectively tell this A-Hole to join the or should I say the Korn Ferry Tour! j/k love having you out there with us!


Rob cashed his red key in for this tourney to only play from the red tees a few times. But while playing from the whites, he was the closest to the pin on the island green! Congrats Rob C.!! I bet there were a lot of other balls that just made their way to the water...


Mr. DQ may have lost his nickname for one tourney this year, he made it up by driving the ball about 310 yards and earns himself the Long Driver Money Clip


Next up we have the Melt Down award. Overall everyone did well this tournament and the Meltdown award was won by these two. Rob and Luke had a 8 stroke differential from the front to back 9. Enjoy those stress balls you are going to need them at Maumee Bay!! (Rob L. not in photo)


Before we get to the guy with the big check, we have these two. These two guys finished in the middle of the pack by shooting a 96, and with that they have earned them self the Most Mediocre Award! congrats guys!! (Jim not in photo)


Finally, the Sandbagger himself John YaRder. emphasis on the R since I cannot spell on the big check... Most Mediocre Chapter leader award definitely goes to me. John shot an 84 to take the W and the 2nd win of the season for him. We have now had 4 tournaments and only 2 winners. Also, with that W John has made his way to 5th in the World with another Toledo Member ahead of him in 4th!!! 


Event Results

1.John Yarder84$1.35
2.Zach Pickens88$0.90
3.Aaron Duenas89$0.75
4.Tim Norviel91$0.64
4.Bryan Huber91$0.64
6.Jon Wallace92$0.53
7.Colton Tankersley93$0.45
8.Trevor Estvanik94$0.34
8.Rob Lemle94$0.34
10.Charles Reid95$0.23
11.Jim Sadowski 96$0.11
11.Justin Jacobs96$0.11
13.Luke Eschenbrenner98$0.07
14.Rob Carmony99$0.05
14.Brock Chambers99$0.05
16.Keith Dulinsky101$0.02
17.Matt Wirick Jr102$0.00
18.Mark Richards104$0.00
18.Steven Farrell104$0.00
18.Terry Wallace104$0.00
18.Troy Secrest104$0.00
22.Kasey Lacourse106$0.00
23.Kelly Kent110$0.00
24.Ray Vaught114$0.00