Chapter News

Foreplay Matters

Carl shows off his mastery of foreplay winning back to back Fore championships.   The unflappable Sir Chilly Dip of Heritage Harbor, First of his name, Lord of the 8 iron, Ruler of Calloway, Master of the fairway, Carl Canestrano played Heritage Harbor to a gross 83 net 88.  The remarkable part of this story is that he did this all while his playing cartner Carole "Chele" Baskin carded the highest score of the day.   This must be a record of some kind to have the high & low rounds in the same cart.

The usual suspect for low gross, Hayden Lewis, slammed sideways into a vat of fireball halfway through his round with predictable results.  His meltdown was shared with Dan Pearson who although he grabbed a meltdown award, he was defeated in his quest for yet another red key.  Jeff Johnson edged him out by two strokes to take home another red key to add to his collection.

Bruce Campbell had an off day on his own course with his putter failing him for the first time I've seen.   He still managed to maintain enough momentum to keep him on the money list even if just barely by squeaking in at 16th place.   That placed our favorite friendly half Canadian fellow right in the middle of the pack garnering him the glorious Most Mediocre award, and two cents (or $37.60 in CAD).   

Freddy lost his grip and tested the buoyancy of his driver on the range.  Meanwhile in Freddy's foursome, Richard Blank kept his grip on the driver and wound up higher in the pack than the rest of the field on the list of long drives for the day.   For bringing all that smoke he's rewarded with a shiny sticker to commemorate that achievement.   To put it bluntly, he's kinda long.

The opposite side of the coin, the kinda close award goes out to Jeremy Bell who knocked it close to edge out the field on a green with a shortsided pin placement.   

The gross award goes out to newbie Dan Hart in his debut appearance as a medio.  He joined us as guest for the Bratish Open and was so enamored in the glory and honor of the traditions on display by all the competitors showing off their legs and impeccable style in their kilts that he signed up as a full member immediately afterwards.   Dan shot a very solid round recording a very respectable nine over par 81 beating Carl's low gross by two shots.  That actually lowered his penalty strokes by one for the next event, so look out field, here comes Dan!