Chapter News

Fore Championship in Holbrook.

Huge win for the Schwag’ man!  
Got the easy swing back and the big win at a new course for us.  This is a big boost in money for the year and will help look more like a top 10 golfer from last year! Well done Cliff!


See you all back at Silvercreek in a couple weeks!  Let’s finish strong!  Watch out for this next tourney’s Red Key winner!! 

Event Results

1.Cliff Schweigert87$1.71
2.John Valdivia 92$1.05
2.Tim Debrocke92$1.05
4.Russell Ward94$0.86
6.Ricky Montejano 97$0.67
7.Will Rivera98$0.57
8.DAVID DOWLER106$0.43
8.Sean McKenna106$0.43
10.Shannon Rivera113$0.29
11.Brandon Gardner114$0.14
11.Steven Rogers114$0.14
13.Casey Lusk116$0.09
14.Kaycee Gardner123$0.07
15.Allison Ward124$0.04
15.Shawn Boyd124$0.04