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The FORE! Championship - Golfing at Midnight!

The FORE! Championship has become a cornerstone of the Yellowknife MGA's season since it's inception in 2016.

While the PGA moved the PGA Champtionship to May, the Players Championship to  March and the MGA similarily moved the FORE! Championship and The MGA; we in the YKMGA kept the FORE! as our Midnight GOlf Tournament occuring annually on June 20, preceding the holiday that allows us to tee off at 9pm

This year 32 Medios competed for the biggest purse of the year outside of the MGA World Championship.

It was a beautiful night with little wind or clouds. The drawback to this was that the mosquitos were out in force.This caused some people not to be able to see the ball when putting. Not due to the darkness, but the clouds of mosquitos

Pace was a little off for some. Groups finished between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 hours. Looking for balls later in the round certainly contributed to this but for some it was just due to a lot of strokes taken.

More Medios stayed to the end to see how everyone finished. As your Chapter Leader, this makes me happy. We're all burned out at the end of the round, but it's nice for you to share it with Hughie and me.

While some stayed, the two tied for the lead took off after they zoomed through their round. We couldn't have a playoff, although that would have been the second year in a row that we did, so we completed a countback with Mike "Rug" Auge travelling all the way from Hay RIver (5 hour drive) to take his first big cheque!

Most Medicocre was Craig Sheppard, Biggest Meldown - Trevor Glaser, Longest Drive - Shannon Watson, Closest To Pin - Shaun "Moose" Morris, Gross Award - Ryan Sheppard, Key to the Red Tee - Andrew Walsh

Next event is the FU Open, July 14 at 2PM - Let's show our American family our Canadian pride.

Event Results

1.Mike Auge90$1.71
2.Ryan Sheppard90$1.14
3.Kevin Hewitt91$0.95
4.Dennis Bourke92$0.86
5.Hughie Graham93$0.71
5.Dustin Fradsham93$0.71
7.Shannon Watson94$0.52
7.greg mark94$0.52
9.Rick Savard96$0.33
9.Chris Flannagan96$0.33
11.Randy Langer97$0.19
12.James McKay101$0.09
12.Craig Letto101$0.09
14.Craig Sheppard102$0.06
14.Allan Twissell102$0.06
16.Shaun "Moose" Morris 105$0.03
16.Grace Lau-a105$0.03
18.Tyler Lee108$0.00
19.Meredith Wilson109$0.00
20.Mike Enns111$0.00
21.Thip Chanthalangsy113$0.00
21.michael gauvin113$0.00
23.Trevor Glaser114$0.00
23.Darin Black114$0.00
23.Paulette Doucet114$0.00
23.Lucassie Morrison114$0.00
27.shane fowler117$0.00
28.Rudolf Mouthaan118$0.00
29.Derek Ladouceur119$0.00
30.Pim Wangyao122$0.00
31.Mary-Ellen Savard123$0.00
32.Andrew Walsh139$0.00

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