Chapter News


It pains me to type this, as I am sure it does the other Medios... Again we have a non new winner this year AKA someone keeps winning!!!

Typically, I start these things off with the bad... Let’s get this out of the way first John, yes John Yarder has won another Tournament. The largest Purse as well of $1.71!!! Not only did John shoot Gross 87 net 88, he took home our Jackpot of $101!!! with a chip in Eagle... Somehow John still managed to take home the meltdown award on top of all those other awards as well! With the win John also sat at world Number 1 for a week until our fellow Ohio Chapter member Tim Grimes won on Saturday. Let’s all beg and plea with John to get him to go to Vegas he for sure should finish top 10 and compete in the chapters cup!!


John was mistakenly given the Gross award, in which it should have been given to Bryan. Bryan shot a 84 gross net 90


We had a clean sweep with the CTP and LD awards, Matt took both awards home! Now Matt can take that long driver and CTP to Vegas and compete in the World Championship!


Mike landed himself in the middle of the pack taking home the Most Mediocre award aka the Golden M!! Then there is the Warm Handshake, aka no checks :( Colton went from winning a tourney to joining his buddy Lukas in the warm handshake photo. Lukas tied his season high of 128 and took home the key to the red tee box!