Chapter News

A Force to be Reckoned With

After winning the team trophy at the Am-Am and missing the BIG check by 1 stroke, Skip came to the MGA on a mission. Kick ass and take names, and he did exactly that leaving the rest of us slugs in the dust. He is quickly moving up the money list and with the leader out of town for the F.U. it looks like he might just rise to the top. 

Chuck showed he was wearing his big boy pants and smashed one down the way for the Long Drive and Mr. Majors had his sights dialed in to stick one Closest to Pin. We had ourselves a tie for Meltdown with Majors and Minnich both driving home squeezing their balls wondering what just happened.Last but certainly not least, Freeman won himself a shinny Red Key which I think I saw him using to pick his nose.