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F**k Coronavirus invitational

(Note from El Presidente: Obviously don't go play golf if you've been ordered to shelter in place or if the golf courses in your area are closed. But if you're lucky enough to have an open course near you and you can go play as a single, Vegas Chapter Leader Eric Lamont took it upon himself to create and organize this unique off-season event. It's super cool of him and we hope he doesn't go insane(r) trying to keep track of everything. Good luck Eric and thank you!)

We are here to invite the entire MGA community to our golf event . On April 12th at midnight all score must be emailed to of a round that you have played recently. This is a actual tournament with prizes and awards . I'm try to get all my MGA family to participate and the help me with a small donation ( entry fee) so i can give back to my Las Vegas community . All Donations will be excepted thru Venmo @ . I do this not for me , I don't know how else to say thank you to our hospitals for saving lives . Military helps us with our freedom but our hospitals are helping people with there lives ! We appreciate you .

Please sign up here Lets show the world that every thought and every penny counts . I love the game of golf but i love that other people have the power to save lives ,, I don't have that superpower yet so ill do it my way . I will donate ALL donations to a local hospital here in Las Vegas under the name of MGA and the winner ! ( were all winners ) Jon Morley thanks for creating such a great group of people ! 

That's it ,, sign on up and ill do the rest !  

Your Las Vegas MGA Chapter leader

eric Lamont

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Well done E!

Thank u and thanks to everybody to is joining us