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First Year for the Grand Rapids MGA is in the Books!

We officially ended the season this past weekend where it started- at Scott Lake Golf Club.  We played in a scramble, had a good turnout, gave away some prizes, and ate some delicious Chili.  Oh, and we stole the show with how good we looked in our caps and knickers!

Eleven medios and one potential recruit showed up this last week to play some golf and look good doing it.  This is the fourth year your chapter leader has played in the Chili Open scramble at Scott Lake to end my season and this was by far the best one. Between the weather (70 and sunny in late October) the commitment to dressing up (shout out to Dan Romero and his permant wedgie)  and of course the post round chili it was a great Saturday! The only negative is in my bank account after promising to pay half of everybody's golf (thinking this would draw a couple of you out to the course not a dozen)!  In the end it was a great end to the first season of the GRMGA which saw Todd "Black Tees" hold of John "I am about to have twins so I might never get to golf again" for the first ever money title!  I am sure Todd's wife and kids are as proud of him as I am!

I look forward to next spring already! Get out and recruit new members who you think will be a fit! Let's fill those tourneys next year and take over West Michigan! Thank you for a great first season everybody.

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I’m glad my perm-a-wedgie was noticed. A

Btw... nice B&W pic. Please pay no attention to the bulging right pocket (my left) in my pants. Private pants party