Chapter News

First time trophy, first time winner!

CINMGA kicked off the season with a major on a perfect day for golf. It was a great day as we felt welcome to five new guys to the ranks of the MGA.  It was clear that everyone was ready to be back and the old MGA spirit of camaraderie was alive and well.


The FU open was contested by 23 hard charging medios but in the end only Eric Hostetler was left standing on top of the podium hoisting the new FU trophy.  Eric made a solid charge, shooting a 41 on the back nine to take home his first tour victory. It was truly a rags to riches story had Eric finished nineteenth, in the warm handshake club at last year‘s FU open.   On further review, it should not be a surprise as Eric has gone from the warm handshake club status (averaged 101 on this first 4 MGA events) to his last three finishes being in the top five (88. 89. 89!).    Eric also walked off with the Long drive award.  Clearly he is a man on a move and we should keep an eye on him for the rest of the season.

A couple of old timers, Doc and Dennis, were hot on his tail but could not quite catch him.    Doc show that the old guys still have game as he picked up the Gross award with an 84!     The rest of the top five also look very looked very familiar as Tim and Skip continue to play some solid golf. Skip showed flashes of brilliance as he took the Closest to the pin award.  Our first of the five newbies, showed up in sixth place with Trevor Guy shooting a 98 to take sixth place.  Matt Fischer was back after a bit of an absence and knocked a lot of rust off with his 100 swings but did make the top 10 in seventh place.  Next up were Chris Hicks and the Billdozer tied for eighth.      Bill used a lovely back nine collapse to secure the Meltdown award.  The top 10 was rounded out by Jared.

Brian McCormick captained a six man warm handshake club (or should I say 'warm elbow bump' club) and took home the Red key.

Next up this weekend is the Rebel Beach Am/Am as we try to get back on track for the season. That will be quickly followed by the Bastards on June 20th at our traditional venue of the Vineyard.


Event Results

1.Eric Hostetler90$1.35
2.* Doc91$0.83
2.Dennis H.91$0.83
4.TIMOTHY PATRICK Grime$95$0.68
5.Skip Koesterman97$0.60
6.Trevor Guy98$0.53
7.Matt Fischer100$0.45
8.Bill Morley101$0.34
8.Christopher Hicks101$0.34
10.Jared Leiker102$0.23
11.Scott Feldmann103$0.11
11.Chris Blanton103$0.11
13.Mike Boyer104$0.06
13.Dave Gibson104$0.06
15.Matt Brown107$0.04
16.Jason Corbitt108$0.02
16.Brendan Griffith108$0.02
16.Bob Evans108$0.02
19.Duane Sharpe109$0.00
20.Pepe Flores112$0.00
21.Rich Gomez114$0.00
22.Daniel Pawelkop 115$0.00
23.Ryan Woodward119$0.00
24.brian mccormick129$0.00