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First Mrand Slam Winner Crowned in Baltimore

Surprise, surprise, bad weather was in the forecast for a 2024 MGA Baltimore event. The field was small and with no National Anthem singer in attendance, the day looked to be a bust. Who would have known May the 4th would be the date that will live forever in the record books.

With our current Red Key winner Mike Dye missing in action because he was off saving the World, we would resort to a group sing along which surprisingly did not disappoint. “A tradition was born last year and we must not let it be forgotten,” Chapter Leader Noah Kiehle. 

The day would be all about Ryan Reese as he showed up with one thing in mind: winning his 5th Major tournament and cementing himself as Baltimore's first Mrand Slam winner. With temperatures in the low 50s and a light drizzle in the forecast, it was set up perfect for the “normal size” guys to excel. With the company of longtime Balt MGA OG Mark Hill in his cart, Ryan was in showoff mode from the beginning. When we reached out to Mark for a comment about the day he said “F this weather, I almost did not show up today but something was telling me this was not the day to miss. I just had a feeling something remarkable was going to happen.” Well he was spot on as Ryan’s 84 net 90 would be good enough to bring home the gold medallion for his collection. 

When this reporter finally caught up to Ryan at the post round hang out inside our title sponsor Das Bierhalle he was willing to give up some of his time and make the family wait a little longer on their take home food to sit down and talk to us. “I accomplished what I set out to do, a goal of mine has always been to win the Mrand Slam and being the first to do so in Baltimore is special.” The world wants to know how Ryan was feeling: “Well besides my feet killing me, I feel pretty good, so much better than sweating on a hot day, the weather was perfect for me. I was worried about my attendance moving forward with a new baby on the way but this win punches my ticket for the World Championships in Vegas so we can check that off the list.” 

This is Ryan's 7th big check to his career and despite his 6 penalty strokes he continues to dominate with a 3rd victory in his last 4 tournaments.  

Group 3 was kinda alright as Rookie Willie Carlisle would take the Kinda Close Award and Sammy Smutz would take the Kinda Long Award and the CTP money hole. Sammy wasn't done there as he put together a round good enough for DQing as he took the Gross award with a 78. Jimmy Wyatt would finish in the middle of the pack taking home the Most Mediocre Award and with a putt of about 10 feet took home the second longest putt award of the season. Anthony Young came in and grabbed up the ballsack award off the table before even submitting his scorecard. “It was just one of those days!!” he would say. “I know the rules and I will be prepared to sing AGAIN! Next time.” He gets It!! 

The group looks to get things caught up as the rescheduled AmAm tournament will be played in less than 2 weeks at Mt Pleasant Golf Course. Then they will look to focus on Bulle Rock and do their part in representing Baltimore in the first Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapters Cup on June 1st.

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