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THE INTERNET, CA - In a mic drop for the ages, Neil Kennifer won the 3rd MGA title of his career last month (news moves slowly in the MGA) and then pulled 1 of only 2 envelopes MGA-wide that contained a Bronze Ticket. The valuable piece of A4 paper inside won Neil a free 3-night, 2-round package at the 2019 MGA World Championship in Vegas (Nov. 15&16. Book your flights now). Thankfully, Madison has a B++ Chapter Leader and the moment was captured on video (You might want to turn your volume down if you're at work.)


I reached out to our Bronze ticket winner to congratulate him and to find out what makes him tick. There's some real hard hitting shit here. I hope your soul is strong enough to read what follows.

MGA: Congrats on the win! Not only did you win your first Major that day, but a Bronze Ticket to boot. What was your secret to picking the right envelope?

NK:I wish I could say more strategy went into it, but I just grabbed the one that was dead center when Mike, our chapter leader, fanned them out.

MGA: It appears this will be your first MGA World Championship appearance. It will most likely sell out again with 280 players. What finishing position would you consider a success?

NK: If you're not first you're last. But I'll honestly be happy if I'm still standing by the end of it and haven't lost all my golf balls into the Las Vegas desert.

MGA: I heard that you took the Bronze Ticket and immediately skipped town. Is there an MGA chapter where you're moving to?

NK: Luckily there is! It seems like both the Central Coast and Monterey chapters will be within driving distance. Otherwise I would have had to start my own.

MGA: You have an impressive handicap, but an even more impressive Slug Index of 1.53. What is your secret to playing such fast (and apparently kinda good) golf?

NK: I think the slug index might still be calibrating since I get a lot of grief from some Sergio-esque waggling during my setup. Luckily I can't read putts for shit so that never takes much time and taking less strokes than everyone else saves some time.

MGA: Now that you've abandoned Madison, who do you think will step up and take over the top of their chapter money list?

NK: One of my greatest regrets in life is not having topped the money list in my 3 years. Finished behind our chapter leader Rod in year 1, then had two shortened seasons due to scheduling conflicts. James Hickman would be a safe bet since he took it home last year in only 6 events. There seems to be a strong correlation between number of events played and money list position, so I'd recommend folks free up the calendars and get in some tournaments.

MGA: Any final words you want to spew out to the entire MGA while you're on this soapbox?

NK: Just feeling quite lucky that a post on a random golf subreddit pointed me toward the MGA and Madison already had a chapter. Hope everyone's chapter is as full of great people and terrible golfers as the Madison one. I'll end with a shameless plug of the very mediocre videos I've made to accompany our mediocre golf from time to time: **

See everyone in Vegas!


** To anyone watching the video and noticing the mumbo jumbo about a dueling 74's. The CL and I have spoken and I can confirm that this victory was in fact legit and there was no 74 shot on the day.