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Finally a champion!!

A tradition unlike any other. That’s right Medios it’s that time again, Time for the Bastards. Our first Major of the year. And boy was it a good one. High Score, High Golfers, and Some High-Class fun.


The Championship weekend started off with the annual Champions Dinner attended by all the former Champions, and hosted by last year's Champ. Jolley (The Oldest winner of the Greenish Jacket) and last year’s champ Josh “2G’s” Masuga enjoyed a nice dinner provided by our local soup kitchen. But would either of them bring home their second Greenish jacket? (Spoiler) No they wouldn’t.


But, before we find out who did I have to tell you all the winners of all the other awards… Coming in last place, and winning his first ever Key to the Red Tee. With a whopping score of 136 is David Frazier. Hopefully David can do a little better next month being closer to the hole. Next up winning his Second Gross award, for the medio who didn’t quite do bad enough to come in last, but still shot poorly enough for us to make fun of him, Jerry Crolley, with a score of 123. Next up is our Closest to the pin. Landing the ball about 6ish feet from the cup Ben Masuga. Longest drive Goes to Kyle Gassert, He managed to hit it 245 and keep it in bounds, which let’s face it deserves an award. Biggest Meltdown was split between Jerry Crolley and Brian Cote, with a differential of 7. Good Job Guys, Next time remember we play 18 not just 9.  And last but not least is Most Mediocre, for the guy that shoots right in the middle. And it goes to the Red Panda himself, Mr. Rick Atkins.


Well, now that we’ve covered all of that, it's time. Your 2024 Charlston MGA Bastards Champ Is…. Jordan Arcuturus, shooting an impressive 85 after strokes, takes home his first Major, first MGA win, and First Greenish Jacket. He now joins Legends like Little Josh and Jolley, and has Bragging rights for the whole year. So congrats Champ and we’ll see the rest of you next Month up in Pawleys for some more mediocre play. Until then, don’t hit any houses.

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