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Feeling Right At Holm (Charlotte Am-Am Recap)!

Yes, there's a little tournament going on in Augusta this week, and I'm sure we'll hear more than once that no first-time participant has won since 1979.

Well, we don't have anything like that in the Charlotte MGA! Rookie Andrew Holm kicked off his MGA career by winning the Rebel Beach Am-Am individual title, and teamed with Joe Scott to run away with the two-headed trophies.

The individual leaderboard is at the bottom of this post, but here are the Am-Am team results:

1. Joe Scott - Andrew Holm 184
2. Dustin Martin - Daniel Payne 194
3. Ross McKinnon - Patrick McKinnon 195
4. Scott Marek - Shane Brotherton 205
5. Eric Law - Stan Law 211
6. Colin Madden - Zach Hill 213
7. Scott Buckelew - Michael Hoffman 231
8. Lee Fletcher - Patrick Gorman 246

And the awards:

Most Mediocre: Stan Law
Biggest Meltdown: Zach Hill
Longest Drive: Andrew Holm
Closest To Pin: Lee Fletcher
Gross Award: Andrew Holm
Key to the Red Tee: Lee Fletcher

Finally, I couldn't come up with an appropriate award for this, but Scott Buckelew deserves recognition for the shot of the day. It takes some special talent to hit a golf ball and have it end up in this position!

Event Results

1.Andrew Holm90$1.12
2.Joe Scott94$0.68
2.Patrick McKinnon94$0.68
4.Daniel Payne95$0.56
5.Shane Brotherton96$0.50
6.Dustin Martin99$0.43
7.Ross McKinnon101$0.34
7.Zachary Hill101$0.34
9.Stanley Law103$0.25
10.Eric Law108$0.19
11.Scott Marek109$0.12
12.Colin Madden112$0.06
13.Michael Hoffman114$0.06
14.Thomas Bronsink115$0.04
15.Patrick Gorman116$0.03
16.Scott Buckelew117$0.02
17.Richard Fletcher130$0.00