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F*CK IT! We’ll do it Live! Scheduling Mishap Causes Boston MGA to Improvise

This Write-Up Brought to You By: The MGABoston Chapter Reporter

As the first handful of medios were arriving ahead of the alleged 9:30AM first tee time, we could already hear the starter, pro, and Boston MGA representative (Bobby Sprouts standing in for The Commish who was off touring the world, presumably off of his career MGA earnings) having a “discussion” regarding when the tee times were set for.  The website and pre-tournament emails told members the first tee time was 9:30AM; however, the course employees held fast that the first group was supposed to go off at 9:00AM.  In an effort to appease the course (which has been a Boston MGA staple, even hosting the MRyder Cup against the Quebec chapter in 2015) it was decided the original pairings posted online would be discarded and groups would go out in a first-come-first-served fashion.

As a result of the mad scramble to get on to the course, the first group off the tee was stacked.  The group boasting a combined 30+ career MGA victories, most of the heavy lifting in that number is attributed to the Golden Bear’s 15 career wins. Joining the Bear were veterans Terry Boland, Michael Halbach, and John Scully.  The remaining groups were patched together as bodies became available.  One upside to the tee time snafu, was there was now a buffer between the last group of locals and the first group of medios, which lead to quick play and an almost unheard of sub-5 hour round.


The helter skelter start had no ill-effects on Group 1, with 3 members of the group finishing in the top 5, and all 4 within the top 10.  From the start the duel was on between The Bear and Halbach, each seemingly unaffected by the multitudes of elevation changes and ever swirling winds.  Coming to the 18th tee, Halbach held a 2 stroke lead and played conservatively leaving a long 2nd shot over a hazard.  The decision proving costly, as his second shot found the hazard, and The Bear’s more aggressive play left him just short of the green in two.  Halbach made his drop and put his next shot on the green; however, The Bear’s renowned short game & putting would surely take advantage of the door which was now wide open.  The Bear’s chip ran long, to the back of the green, but the door was still open as Halbach missed his putt.  Perhaps already counting the massive $1.71 prize, The Bear’s putt was not up to the normal standard and he putted out for a 5.  A knee-knocking 2 feet remained for Halbach to make a 6 and stay one stroke ahead, which he stepped up and made to shoot 85 (net 89), one shot ahead of The Bear’s 86 (net 90).


Now the waiting and sweating began – would the 89 hold-up?  Disaster was avoided against The Bear, but would anyone in the field come in lower?  It would turn out, not all groups handled the panic at the beginning of the round as well as Group 1.  Group after group came in frustrated and defeated, “I F’ing hate this hole/that hole” was a common phrase within all of them.  Upon the final group submitting their card, it was confirmed the 89 held up, and only 4 players total even came in under 100… A rough day all around. 


With the course not holding a liquor license, everyone was eager to move along to the dive bar up the street for the post-round wrap up.  


With 17 members competing, no one left empty-handed, with Padraic Lacey just missing out on the money, but receiving the key to the red tees as a consolation.  Closest to the Pin went to Bobby Sprouts... 



...while Long Drive went to Jake Stowell.  

That would be the highlight of their day, as they finished 14th and 15th, respectively. The presentation of Most Mediocre, intended for Mark Moriarty, was even less than mediocre as we’ve apparently run out of golden M’s to distribute… Everyone check under their seats and between the seat cushions, there should be 3 more somewhere?!

The Boston MGA has followed suit with the PGA’s condensed schedule, as the next event is in just 2 weeks!  Trull Brook returns to the rotation after a couple years off and target golf is a continued theme.  Halbach’s victory vaults him to 1st place on the Chapter Money List, and, barring a very strong finish from someone outside the top 3, it will come down to Halbach, FU-winner Andrew Gordon, and two-time winner in 2019 Dan Morse. 

Event Results

1.Michael Halbach89$1.71
2.Mike Berk90$1.14
3.Shaoyu Xue95$0.95
4.William T. Gergits97$0.86
5.Terry Boland100$0.76
6.Alvaro Perez101$0.67
7.Jeff Gallino105$0.57
8.Daniel Morse106$0.48
9.Jonathan Scully107$0.38
10.Mark Moriarty108$0.29
11.Brendon Lynch110$0.19
12.George Hunt111$0.10
13.Matt McDonough112$0.09
14.Bobby Sprouts113$0.07
15.Jake Stowell114$0.04
15.Christopher Higgins114$0.04
17.Padraic Lacey116$0.00