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Fay for the Bling Bling!

The Knoxville MGA played their 6th annual MGA OPEN at Egwani Farms. Had absolutely perfect weather as over 32 medios fought it out for the Gold Bling Bling! JP had a great first 5 holes as he didn't see a fairway at all on the first 5 holes and then on the 6th....finally got to see and feel what it was to hit off the fairway as he went onto birdie the long Par 5......Next hole he came back down to medio earth and double bogey the par 4! Brandon G. launched one by the entire group on the same hole and won the Long Drive and was putting for par on the hole from about 15ft out, then proceed to finish with a 9 on the hole....well Brandon at least you won something on the hole, I know who I won't be bringing for a putt off!

In the group of Shelly, Sean, Charles and Bryan it was coming down to a trophy.....The King of the 10s Trophy as Charles on the front nine had 3 of them (from the RED TEES) Shelly a close second with 2 and Bryan with 1. On the back nine, Bryan played the 11th hole and drill his tee shot left into the high stuff, then continued to hack at it over and over and over again, as he didn't even get to the water part of the hole before he hit his 10 stroke limit! Shelly at least got to the drop zone and that is where her shot limit was up and Charles......well, he finished the hole by putting one in from about 12 feet out for a solid 9! But no one in that group took the King of 10's Trophy home......for a 2 time this year Darrell took it home by edging out Charles by one 10 on the scorecard.

Luke and Patrick both went home with prizes in hand, with Luke winning the closest to the pin and Patrick winning the longest putt with a 6 footer! Luke received his closest to the pin sticker as Patrick got a solid pack of pink tees! Andrew had a great front nine by shooting a 42 and by when that turn came, so did that Mother MeltDown Award.....57 on the back for a +15, absolutely stellar! Shelly finished with a middle of the pack winner in Most Mediocre and Darrell received the Red Key, as it was a hard fought Red Key battle. The overall champ was Sean earning himself his first MGA OPEN Gold Bling Bling!

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Event Results

1.Sean Fay88$1.35
2.Jason Pruitt92$0.83
2.Scott McCarty92$0.83
4.Joe Ontiveros93$0.64
4.Spencer Orick93$0.64
6.Eric New94$0.49
6.Martin Niezgoda94$0.49
8.Jason Bowers95$0.38
9.Justin Paul96$0.30
10.Bill Hickman97$0.19
10.John Henley97$0.19
12.Andrew Millett100$0.08
13.Luke Whetsel102$0.07
14.Dave Keener104$0.05
15.Eric Schindler105$0.04
16.Patrick Stambaugh106$0.02
16.Cody Mckee106$0.02
18.Korey Whitlock107$0.00
19.Mark Love108$0.00
20.Kevin Ernsberger109$0.00
20.Jake Bandel109$0.00
20.Daniel Vass109$0.00
23.Austin Putt110$0.00
24.Shelly Henley112$0.00
25.Brandon Wise113$0.00
26.Allen Aldridge 114$0.00
27.Max Raterman117$0.00
27.Brandon Grooms117$0.00
29.Bryan Franklin118$0.00
30.Grayson Pickett 121$0.00
31.Charles Norris131$0.00
32.Darrell Roberts150$0.00
34.Joseph PhillipsDNF$0.00
34.Fred TiptonDNF$0.00