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***Event cost includes food and one hour of open bar!***

This Write-Up Brought to You By: The MGABoston Chapter Reporter

This tag line was enough to entice 14 Boston medios to sign up for the 8th annual Leslie Nielsen Classic, contested at the indoor simulator palace known as “The Clubhouse Golf and Entertainment.  In preparation, sadly we lost two of these medios to devastating injuries which forced them to withdraw.  In past years, due to either mediocre play (or more likely the open bar), we struggled to complete 18 holes in the 4 hour timespan in which we reserved the bays.  The format has since been modified to count only holes 3-12, and in the two years since implementing the change we are happy to report that nearly all competitors have been able to complete the requisite 12 holes in the four hour window.

On March 30th, the 12 players arrived assuming 5 time champion Andy “Wild Hog” Southgate would continue his dominance, as there is no handicap used for this offseason event.  Periodic check-ins (between trips to the bar) seemed to confirm the same.  However, when the final scores were tallied, it was Michael Halbach who managed to finish 1 stroke ahead of Southgate to win his first ever LNC and take home the coveted Leslie Nielsen memorabilia.  Wild Hog could not be reached for comment immediately, but sources close to him blame the greasy pizza provided mid-round, leading to grip difficulties.  Halbach also claimed the closest to the pin, with Southgate maintaining some pride taking the long drive.

The festivities continued post-round, as the 2018 year end awards were announced.  A variety of awards were distributed, ranging from most birdies (Southgate) to the infamous “Skull Fucker” award which is given to the player who most adversely affects his playing partners scores.  All the season award winners can be seen here:

(Editor’s note: Feel free to skip the 11 minute countdown which precedes the actual awards)

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