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End of Season Stuff

Congratulations to our 2022 Chapter Money List winner, Matt Lee. Final results below:

1.Matthew Lee (7)$4.87

2.Shawn Jolley (7)$4.22

3.Daniel Peters (8)$4.01

4.Ben Masuga (8)$3.57

5.Josh Masuga (7)$3.06

6.Jason Uebelhoer (7)$2.76

7.Chris Richardson (5)$2.39

8.Patrick McLellan (5)$2.03

9.Zach Sloman (7)$1.85

10.Jose Aguayo (4)$1.47

11.Joshua Thigpen (8)$1.26

12.Jesse Rowe (4)$1.11

13.Courtney Elizabeth Zorn Sloman (7)$0.91

14.Henry Grimes (1)$0.75

15.Lane Hoffman (1)$0.70

16.Ricky Leach (2)$0.56

17.Kevin Price (1)$0.33

18.Brian Goetz (1)$0.19

19.Basir Robertson (2)$0.15

20.Adam Miller (1)$0.10

Wanted to personally thank everyone in the Chapter for the amazing belt and picture. The belt was used in Vegas and most CLs are calling out their own Chapters! I am extremely looking forward to next season and making it even better, you all are AMAZING!

Now onto MGAWC22

Our very own Matt Lee places 22nd, with Josh and Dan not far behind (not far can be relevant to actual). I was honored to have representation at worlds from our Chapter, the only South Carolina chapter that did (Nice work Aiken). Congrats Matt and can't wait to see how many penalty strokes you accumulate next year.

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