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DYLAN!!! You son of a b!t@#!

We decided at the course that this would be Lost Marsh's farewell tour, it has been a good run, but the first four holes finally had the MGA at wit's end.  It is a fine course and well maintained, but the overall glamor has just lost its luster for us.  With this being so tight to the last event and many events going on in Chicago this weekend we only had 6 guys playing for the MGA.  I have a feeling the course also played a part in our turnout.  Never-the-less, we would give it all we had to try for the greatest of MGA trophies...the Claret Jugs.

With Brent's back to back wins, he would be teeing off from the tips, which meant some long, lonely walks at times.  Would this alone time get in his head or just make it a more level playing field, only time would tell.  I spoke of the first four holes and these will swallow up balls in the seemingly endless swaths of water and marshland, playing safe through here is recommended.  Dylan Psotka did just that and was able to ignore the wet weather that blew in on the back, leading to his claim on the coveted trophy.  Kevin gave Dylan a real run for his money down the stretch and should be noted that he has the greatest hat in all of the MGA.  

We say goodbye to this bear of a course and look forward to its replacement in the MGA lineup.

Apparently, the rest of the MGA has been pushing to many pencils

You son of a bitch