Chapter News

Dylan takes a Big Run at the FU Open

So it was once again into the beech to battle for the most patriotic of the MGA trophies and titles, the F.U. Open.  Any winner would be proud to display this trophy on their desk, or mantle.  Arousing interest of guests and passersby, wondering "That plaque is so American, I almost feel like a foreigner in its presence."  So we were off to the longest of the courses the MGA plays, Big Run, which was clocking in at 7012 yds from the whites on the day we played.  Big long course for Americans with big long sticks.  Sticks to hit golf balls with, of course.

We had 6 MGA'ers out on the day, but that did not prevent us from being the most patriotic group out on the course.  We prepared ourselves for what is always a challenging day at Big Run.  You need to be long on this day, but you can't go too astray on this course based on how wooded it is.  So for us MGA'ers who can't do both consistently, you basically have to pick your poison.  The first group consisted of 3 of us who really stood no chance as identified by our inaccuracy off the tees.  Sporte was the only one of us bombing it consistently, and cleanly.  He was looking like a good shot for the W, but alas, his flat stick and his 6 handicap would not allow it. 

In the group behind us, Dylan and Brent Trebels would be the only two that could prevent Sporte from obtaining victory.  Brent looked good on the front, but either lost control, stopped trying or both, because he easily took the meltdown award with a difference of 10 strokes.  Impressive to say the least, but not as impressive as his meltdown award and victory at the FORE last year.  So it ended up being Dylan with the strength, fortitude and overall mediocrity that would hold the day.  His round of 99 was just enough to eek out victory on this lengthy of long courses on the circuit.

***Highlight of the tourney***

Overheard a different group teeing off on 17: "I don't want to be racist, but is there some sort of Asian convention going on?  Did you see them all in the parking lot?"

We had to chuckle, because A: That kind of crap is too commonly heard on golf courses, and B: Whenever someone says "I don't want to be X, but..." it means they are going to be X.  Yet they have this belief that prefacing it by saying they don't want to be, it gets them a free pass or something.

Anyway, onto bigger and better things next month with mother of all trophies, the Claret Juggs.