Chapter News

Did our Brit win the Bratish?

Regrettably No.... but that would've made for a good story... 


Instead he settled for 5th place and a Kinda Long... That Kinda counts for somethin'

So this guy finally showed up and of course won... 1st IEMGA Medio halfway to a Career Mrand Slam... ya we stay competitive... Archer in the background just that close to his 1st W... 

This Kid's been leading the CML all season, but hit the most bunkers on the day and "won" a mostly used sunscreen bottle. He also missed out on the money for the first time all year... he was on the Blues though... don't count him out yet... 

Usually a model of consistency and virtue, C-Law had an uncharacteristic Meltdown yet still landed on the Mediocre Line... sounds like a lil feastin' before the famine... 

Die-Az hands off the Red Key to Doughboy 

In case you were wondering... yup, still Mediocre... 

Event Results

1.Brian Lopez89$1.26
2.Mike Archer90$0.84
3.Ryan Davis91$0.70
4.Tim Minamyer92$0.63
5.Neil Ashworth93$0.56
6.Christopher Garcia94$0.46
6.Josh Olson94$0.46
8.Alex Rainey95$0.35
9.Rick Diaz 98$0.28
10.Eric Matteson99$0.21
11.Jason Moyer101$0.07
11.Brian Carson101$0.07
11.Colin Lawrence101$0.07
11.John Dapsis 101$0.07
11.Josh Schuler101$0.07
16.Dave Young103$0.02
16.Steve Woodland103$0.02
16.Jeff Olson103$0.02
19.Gilbert Tiedt104$0.00
20.Lawrence Kelly105$0.00
21.Graham Shelton110$0.00
22.Rockin Ryan 111$0.00
23.Richard Dunham127$0.00
24.Layne Dougherty135$0.00
26.Brian WhitworthDNF$0.00
26.Lyman KingDNF$0.00