Chapter News

DFW Dominates the World, Again!

In the 10th anniversary of the Chapter Cup, DFW becomes the first chapter in the world besides San Francisco to win the cup more than once.  After two glorious weather days in Las Vegas at The Revere Golf Course, DFW's Joseph Sisco (174), Tony Mullins (174), and Todd Jenkins (178) all combined to shoot an insanely low total Chapter Cup score of 526.  

Top 10 DFW Scores: 

3rd overall - Joseph Sisco: 174 (with 4 strokes)

3rd overall - Tony Mullins: 174 (with 10 strokes)

7th overall - Todd Jenkins: 178 (with 6 strokes)

31st overall - Brad Roberts: 187 (with 6 strokes)

40th overall - Dale Williford: 189 (with 6 strokes)

40th overall - Dan Cantrell: 189 (with 2 strokes)

49th overall - Robert Martinez: 190 (with 6 strokes)

69th overall - John Hartsel: 192 (with 2 strokes)

90th overall - Matt Dorchak: 194 (with 0 strokes)

163rd overall - Brian Berry: 203 (with 22 strokes)

DFW not only one the Chapter Cup by 19 strokes over the next closest chapter, their top 10 shot a 1806 gross / 1870 after penalty strokes to handily beat the cross town rival's top 10 by 74 strokes.  Congratulations to all who made it, and best of luck to Micheal Rountree next year who shot an 89 / 91 but forgot to turn in a scorecard so he was DQ'd after day one.