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A Day of Dbags

Sup sup brochachos and bromigos! 

Once again we donned our douchiest wears and

Found our way to the Hillyard Country Club.

Tree lined fairways laid ahead, and 

Esmerelda did not disappoint with it's grounds

Into the woods went many a ball fucking up some

Greens in regulation.

Hazards were avoided as we made our way from 

Tee to green.

Yet only one douche would reign visor supreme 

Some of us had to get creative! Whether it was up against a tree or or a boundary fence cha boys played it right and found their way out of trouble to get the ball in it's home and stop the bleeding. None more so than our boy Boomer who's tee shot ricochet's off a tree and goes back and to the left putting him squarely about 30 yards behind the current tee box and having to play a totally separate fairway for the rest of the hole. Paparazzi caught him coming out of the woods like a goddamn samsquanch:

But we pressed on! In true douche form we talked frats, magnum condoms, sucked down some glizzys and some killer light brewskis while carding some respectable numbers to take into the clubhouse. 

And none would bring home a lower number on the day than your very own, Nicholas Kovarik who with seven fuckin penalty strokes still managed to out douche the whole field and taking home yet another check. Nick K brought in a 37 on the front in a killer performance that deserved a trophy and if you want to know what his gross score was then just read the first letter of each word in the top paragraph ;)

Thanks again for everyone making it out and giving us another great event!! Can't wait to see you all again next month, then off to Vegas....

Event Results

1.Nicholas Kovarik87$1.35
2.Andy Butler89$0.90
3.David Ittner91$0.71
3.Eric Everett91$0.71
5.Andrew Benson 92$0.56
5.David Chambless92$0.56
7.Embay Lee93$0.41
7.Jon Dresback93$0.41
9.Miguel Juanston94$0.30
10.Charlie Peckham95$0.23
11.Brady Kingrey96$0.15
12.Michael Ittner97$0.08
13.Blake Miller98$0.07
14.Karl Bowen100$0.05
14.Lance Hart100$0.05
16.Boomer Da Legend103$0.02

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Panel Of Experts (1)


Great scores everyone. I really wanted to be there with you(even had bling made from most mediocre awards. Next time. Congrats to all.